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nice! But can i open up a donation for my game using this asset?

Nice work. I wanted to buy this some of your other works but there seem to be no option to do so anymore on itch. Is there a way to get in touch with you to do a direct transaction?

Oooh! cool! thanks for share it!

Cool assets! Can I use this on my test game?


muito obrigado por disponibilizar ,são realmente fantásticos , vai me ajudar muito em meu primeiro projeto de plataforma , obrigado

Hey these are awesome! I'm new to 2D game development. I've used RPG Makers to create games in the past. But what software would I need to create 2D games and use your tools? Thanks!

Hi there! I use Gamemaker Studio 2, which is made for 2D. I’ve heard many people also use Godot, which is completely free, but I haven’t used it myself.

I would really recommend GDevelop, 100% free, open source game development engine for 2D games! Getting better all the time, and great for non-coders!

Love the character, fluid movement and cool to look at. I made a game using this assets:

Awesome, glad you like it! :D

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Hi do you by chance have a massive asset pack available somewhere with lots of sprites etc. If so could I ask for the link?

Hi there. You can check this collection for all my available asset packs: I don't have a single pack with all of them combined though.

do you place orders separately? if so could you send me your email?


Hey OcO, how much would cost if I ask for cyberpunk enemies in 1 bit style? And, there is some way to talk with you on private?

Ps* I dont want exclusively so you could sell it as the others.

Hi there. I don’t really do commissions, but I’ll definitely do some more cyberpunk assets in the future. Not sure if 1bit though.

Hey, I loved your art work soo much but i don;t have credit card and I am not able to pay and get your assets, is there any other way from which I can pay you and get those assets???

When u click download it shows you donation price. You dont have to Play because its free asset do click także me to the downloads

Nooo, the first character is free, rest aren't, I want to buy all of the characters 

I used your asset in my cyberpunk platformer, if you have some time go check it ! :)

These assets are one of the bests in this site. Thank you for this, I am gonna surely pay for all the characters soon <3

Can we have a crouch option for striker? :P 

Thank you and I'm glad you like them! :D

Your work is great! Would you happen to have any UI assets for sale or know of any that match this style?


I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure of any UI elements, but I might make some in the future. 


Hello! very nice work ! I love the style. I am using it for a small project ! i will credit you once done ! 
I suggest to add a climb animation on the striker, it could be a nice feature for platformers ;)

Hello, very good work. Can I use it for a mobile project?

Of course, no problem with me! :D

great work . as always

Thank you! :D

Lindo demais! Seu trabalho é ótimo!