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Hello! This asset is awesome! Could you please advice how to slice it in unity? What is teh size of frame?
Thanks in advance!

i stard to do some assets, your realy insparime me 

Bro!!!!!  Your a legend for these assets thanks very much


Hello ,there! My name is Alex and I'm a game dev course creator . I have something in mind. So I need to talk to you about it. I want to use your assets for my Udemy course. I'm ready to pay some but I think it will be wrong if I'll buy your assets and then allow my students to download it. Because obviously they need assets to follow the course. Do you think we can come up with a solution? So I'll use your assets in the course. The main problem is that my students that buy course on Udemy have to download assets.

The King's another badass boss enemy in my in-development game! This guy's awesome

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Hello, big thx for you work, i bought some your assets! I very want more animation for jester, walk and normal solo knife attack. Sorry for my english. I will use this in

Hey Guys here is my Video game i ve created by using this asset and its ben super perfect awsome 2d platformer story game :) based on real Gladiator SPARTACUS hope you try, have fun and give nice comments 

thank you so much for this great asset dear creator btw 👍

I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch keep um the great wark

bu kareleri nasıl bir araya getirebilirim

png splitter yaz google'a, üçüncü çıkan linke gir. oraya at horizontal'ın yanına kare sayısını yaz ve split de otomatik eşit karelere ayırıyor

When you donated $5, you already give me all the characters? But they have atake, movement?, is that in the link unload a boss king a boss and it went wrong because everything is erased alone. He's got the animation standing up and he doesn't have anything else porfa help 

Please send me an email at and I can try to help you there.

5 dólares y tengo todos los persones? Tienen atake? No me estafan? Porq descargue el rey y solo tengo el de parado, porfa dime si tiene atake si corre etc porfaaa 

Sorry, I don’t know spanish. If you’re asking about the price, the entire pack is 5 dollars, yes.

nice work, buddy ;D


i cannot access this file is there a zip file instead?

Hi, try using this app:

Hello, can this art be used in a commercial project?

Sure, you can go ahead and use it. I added details regarding commercial use at the bottom of the page, within the "Notes" segment.


These look incredible but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong when I try to use them in Unity. I'm adding 128 pixels per unit but they incredibly blurry

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You have to increase the max file size and remove compression. Also set filter mode to Point and Mesh type Full rect.

This animations are awesome like the pixel art, unfortunately I had to edit manually and import again because the wrong spaces of the sprite sheets.

(Still nice work tho!)

so how do we do it?

i was looking for a trickster sprite for ages , and your jester fits it perfectly , thank you so much ! 

I like the entire set OcO thank you for your efforts.

Great art style