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I bought this pack for 3$ without noticing that i needed to pay 5$ to get the backgrounds too. Would it be possible to buy the backgrounds alone for 2$?

Send me an email and I'll see what I can do -

Hello, if i buy this asset, can i develop an opensource game and publish it on sites like I would know if i can publish game source code with assets too (pngs etc...) that are required for the game. Of course i would give all credits for your assets. Thank you

Looking to get the trees. Just like all others, I saw $3 and thought that was included. How do you want me to get the trees? Pay another$5?

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I bought this also, and I don't see the trees, which is why I bought.  Is there a way to get the trees?

Are the trees included in another pack?

Hi, I bought this on sale and I don't seem to have the background trees or anything, just the tiles. Can I buy just the others?

If I can get a refund for my two recent purchases, then I'll just buy the bundle to make it easier.

Hi there. No problem, I issued the refund.

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Ah thanks man :) I saw all the comments without replies so I almost wondered if you were still checking the page!  Am buying the bundle now.

Hi, I bought this but it's only the blocks, I didn't get all the other things like backgrounds and props - please can you provide? Thanks

Hello, I bought all your tiles and backgrounds, but it is a 24 * 24 strip PNG. I can't cut it well in UE4. Do you have a 32 * 32 or 64 * 64 ceramic tile set, which is piece by piece instead of strip PNG? Thank you

hola trate de pagarlos y no medeja el paypal otra forma de pago


Hi, there is other way to purchase you this awesome tileset? In my country we can't use paypal :(

First off i want to thank you for all these assets, they are some of the best i could find on this site. I have one question though, I bought this pack for 3$ without noticing that i needed to pay 5$ to get the backgrounds too. Would it be possible to buy the backgrounds alone for 2$?

Hi Joel. Please check your email. The one linked to the payment. 

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Same problem :/

I did this too :(

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Hi, it's me again, could you make a connected tileset? So I can configure autotile on my engine? Could you also make the tileset the same size 32x32 only, because there is a 24x24 and when I use the same grid they don't stick together?

Bought it just because I downloaded your other free assets and thought that it's just fair haha.


Hi, sorry to write it, but I bought this asset pack and can't download it, because "Nothing is available to download". Can I somehow DM you?

Sure, send me an email to

Thank you! ;)

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Hi Nathan, check your email, you should have the assets sent with and without the background color. I've updated the store page as well to include them.

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Hi, sorry to hear that you're having issues. The 64x64 and 48x48 sizes are mostly for when cutting them up, since they've been exported into sprite sheets. The background should be invisible, so I'm guessing that's causing an issue. In case you're still having trouble, please send me an email at

Could I use it and remix it in my commercial project?


Sure, feel free to modify it. 

thanks for reply timely. I bought all the two packs of medieval theme. I hope you can add a ranger charater who use his bow to attack enemy.

And more pixel visual effect sprites is also very good. 


I hope that you can make more Character Pack

Hello, I purchased this pack a few hours ago but I didn't read the full description properly and only got the tilesets for 3 dollars. This is totally my fault as I should have paid more attention. What I was interested about though were the backgrounds and now I can't find a way to get them without paying the full 5 dollars. Would you care to help me with my issue?

Well, you're the first person to buy it, so I can make a special offer. I'll go ahead and send the backgrounds as well. Can I send it to the email adress starting with Ludovic?  It's showing on my end in the payment section. 

Oh thank you very much, that's very kind of you. Yes the email with Ludovic is the correct one.

Done, you should see it pretty soon. Let me know in case you don't receive it.

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