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con una estética hermosa, y una jugabilidad interesante. creo que es de los demos mas pulidos que he jugado. 

REVania is a well crafted game with excellent level design. The difficulty is not overly challenging, but fair for veteran and casual players. Highly recommend. Can't wait to see what this developer cooks up next.

This is realy good

Palying the game still didn't beat yet, but safe to say it's awesome, the combat is interesting and the AMMO gathering system it's pretty creative cuz it drives me to pay more attention to the cenario and backgrounds of each level, i think it needs a fell tweaks here and there for an example i think the slash atack could be a lil faster as well as the jump could be that and a lil higher i think, but overall great game, yhou really created an ambiance when entering the levels, and the hidden stuff is super well hidden but it gives me a good feeling when i found them (Also the boss been icking my ass).

Great work! <3

Deleted post

I haven't played it yet, but it's already interesting just from watching the video. 

It's crazy that a game like this is free.

I really loved it ! please make a long version ?



This was brilliantly crafted. Great atmosphere, solid controls, fantastic animations and a perfectly fitting sound design. Not sure how far you plan to take this project, but I'm definitely interested to see what you create in the future.

I really liked this!. It was quite different from any other game I have played before I liked the Platformer Horror style I think it was a unique and fun mix. The game was so well made and had no issues that I could find. I would definitely play a longer version. 

This was so awesome! Love the mix between the two! The controls were awesome, but it did take me a couple of tries to beat it! Such a great job! 

this game is INCREDIBLE!! Had a blast playing this!

This game definelatly tells why Ethan Winters is the champion of Gork and Mork XD

Very fun


At a glance, Residentvania looked well made but, after playing, I found it was actually super well made. I've only played so much Castlevania, but had a surprising amount of fun with this. The art was fantastic, enemy designs pretty spot on for the pixel style, and the ambience really gives it that Resident Evil tone. Best of luck if you expand on it.

Great job, dev. (At one point I call the art wonky, I think I was referring to the boss blending in the darkness.)

Wow! It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience!

You did a brilliant job mixing two fantastic titles!


Please make more! I really enjoyed it alot! 

You, my friend, are a true hero. You managed to combine two of my greatest gaming loves in one. A sincere tip of the hat to you.

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the mergence of both things here feels perfect! great job :)

Even though I got my ass kicked, the game was super neat!

MacOS user very sad over here :(

Very cool idea. Never played a castlevania game before so i had a bit of trouble xD

Your game is amazing friend! Hopefully in the future this could be longer or have more chapters, I was fascinated! Excellent for this month of terror!
Gameplay Complete Here
Juego completo aqui


Game is okay.  Couldn't beat the first boss because I suck lol.

Wow, it's actually fun


I want this game maybe on android?is there a chance?

Bro, teu jogo tá maravilhoso mano! Eu amo jogos 2D pixel, achei bem divertido! e irei fazer vídeos sobre os seus outros jogos! Possuo um canal pequeno, se você tiver um tempinho livre, manda um salve la no video, pra eu favortiar, valeu tmj! Sucesso

I hope you can add controller support in the future!

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Didn't know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. This is very good. Dark and moody and you need to have good reflexes. Fantastic!

I'd pay for this on Steam with longer gameplay.

A man of culture !! Great job

The author did a great job. The game is quite small, interested in the design and done perfectly in a copy of the first Castlevania. The ending was unexpected) I wish good luck to the author, inspiration - I will be very glad if he does something similar again.

I had sm fun playing this trying to get a hitless run was a really fun challenge hope you add more levels to this game but if you its fine overall enjoyable experience 

try to get this to work on the desktop application please

Great game and the time taken for something like this. I can't wait to see more and maybe get better at the game myself to see more.


This is great! I'd say you should add more and skew it so you could sell it on steam. I'd pay for Castlevania with guns.

How long in hours of play is this game?

Resident Evil 3 - Nightmare MOD Part 1/- ريزدنت ايفل 3 النسخة المعدلة

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I wish this was an entire longplay game. If you could keep it up, extending and adding a second layer narrative for the canonical story. What if other characters were playable here, introducing other events through flashbac. I also think a bold stats screen as a reference to old RE and Castlevania games would be PERFECT. 😍

It is fun. Great job and good sound effects

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