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if only i could be as good as yall


A Realy Good Game GOod JOB! 

which engine did you use for creating this?

I use Game Maker Studio 2.


Can I copy YOUR Mechanic Of the game for a comercial your idea is so creative

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This is an amazing and well-polished game that is surprisingly fun for only a week of development. I have encountered a bug in one of the levels where the door doesn't open, even though I killed all the enemies.

If I kill all the enemies and run to the door, I see a split frame of the opening animation. I have tried rewinding, freezing time, restarting the level, and creating a new game.

I would love to finish the game, so if you have any solutions, please help. Thank you!

Hi Brian, you can jump to the next level like this:

1 Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Rewind

2 In that  folder you'll find the file "room_Latest".

3 Simply edit that file and change room_n to room_n + 1 (example, changing from room_13 to room_14 will allow you to jump there).

Also, can you please let me know the room in which you were after you change it?

Thanks for your help! It worked!

After changing the file, I was in a room with one enemy on the ceiling and an anvil at the bottom. When I cut the anvil, it falls upwards and crushes the enemy.

This game is pretty cool. It's easy to understand and challenging. The only problem I got was an exploit I got while messing around with the rewind ability. If I were to spam Q on when enemies are being killed, the door unlocks itself. I think it's because the game thinks I killed the needed number of kills even though those kills were set back to the point I didn't kill them. But still I love the game, keep up the good games :).

Just wondered, did you get any money from donations for this game? 
And if possible can you give the number?


Hi there. The answer is yes, but I’m not 100% sure it’s ok to share the number here. Let’s just say that the number is very close to 0. The game was #2 out of almost 1900 projects for a game jam made by Brackeys, so I would say it was very good for the learning experience since over 1000 people downloaded it, but it’s not a source of income, sadly.

Thanks for sharing.

Very nice!




Its awesome!

what an amazing game

Thank you!