Your mission is simple - abduct and create as much chaos as possible!


Escape - pause to receive more hints.

Keyboard or Gamepad

WASD or Left Analog Stick- Movement

Space or Left Trigger - Fire Abduction ray

Left Click or Right Trigger - Fire Weapon

Shift or A - Dash

Quick Tutorial :

1. Abduct to gain energy.

2. Enemies have red shields, which need to be destroyed before they can be abducted.

3. Objects in the background can be abducted for smaller amounts of energy.

4. Shooting an enemy bullet will allow you to abduct it or even use it against him.


"Abduct and Destroy" was created in 2 weeks for the Opera GX Game Jam, the theme being UFO.

A procedurally generated twin stick shooter, where the main mechanic is based around abducting enemies. In order to keep using your weapon, you will need energy. To get energy, you must abduct anything you're able to! That includes enemies, their bullets, lamps or even garbage bins.

The difficulty will scale considerably while the game is being played, with enemies becoming stronger, the camera movement becoming faster and new enemy layouts appearing.

Your reward for being persistent is not just a higher score. Depending on your score, you may also receive secret codes, which will enhance your ship in different ways.


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too much lag 

Ho man, this game has a lot of promise, but there's less of a difficulty ramp and more of a brick wall.

I could definitely learn how to play it well, but I can see most people being turned off by feeling like they can't play for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Great game!

Thank you!

Awesome game! I like it! P.S. If you got gamepad paired wit pc but turned off, you need to unpair it for WASD controls works

nice game :)


the game is nice and i like the sfx

Glad you like it! :D