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You wake up, stranded in a hastily put together underwater base. Confused and alone, you try searching for your missing colleagues, but soon realize that finding them won’t be easy. This was supposed be a simple scouting mission, yet all you can do now is move further into the depths, hoping that what lies in the abyss won’t gaze back into you.


·        WASD - movement

·        Space - jump

·        Tab - open/close inventory

·        E - interact

·        Left Click - use tool/craft/pick up item

·        Mouse Wheel/1 - 9 - select a different item

·        Right Click - recover built objects

·        X - flip objects horizontally

Font Used:

·       m5x7 by Daniel Linssen

Sound samples:

·       soundbible.com

·       freesound.org

Development Details:

·       It was originally supposed to be done in a month, but it took almost 4 months instead. The game itself is very much inspired by "Subnautica", focusing on scavenging, base building and exploration, which is why it took a bit longer than expected. I’m hoping that the extra development time will help the atmosphere, since that was the main reason why I wanted to make “It’s still out there”.


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Tags2D, craft, Horror, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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VERY nice.

Only thing thats confusing me is, i've gone in the deep a couple times before already and that worked fine, but now the creature is pretty much camping the entrance, and immediately appears 100% of times i go in the deep. Maybe i did something wrong? It feels like a bug.

This is kind of important... because i just cant continue the game like this...

^^ Edit: I just went for it anyways and... it didnt kill me? I guess it just wants to hit you a certain amount? I guess this is normal then?

Another bug i found, that im unsure how i triggered, was that i once got teleported (with my submarine) very far to the left of the deep. I couldnt see myself, i just saw the creature circling around, i held the "move right" key and at some point i was able to see myself again. The creature started attacking me of course (would have been too easy) but i managed to escape just in time to survive

Also the fact that you can just move past the left/right borders of the deep area is just confusing, if there is nothing there, why not add an invisible wall?

Edit 2: finished the game. It was great. The base building was nice, but in hindsight feels a bit excessive for how little you stay there?

Vibe 9/10, soundscape 8/10, visuals 9/10 (both the pixelart and the light effects are really nice... the ending is beautiful too), building 8/10, gameplay... maybe a 7? There isnt a lot, but you dont really know that until you're done, and the (pun not intended) immersiveness and vibe already keep you busy enough to not make the experience feel empty.

More stuff would have been great. (You pretty much just, get the basic materials, get the crafting stuff, optionally customize your house, get the keys, and it's over...)

Would recommend

Found your game randomly looks fantastic amazing piece of work


bruh, why is this game so good?


Just finished your game! Wonderful! Great art style, very nice game. Had lots of fun! Will recommend!


Thank you, glad you liked it! :D

love the art style for the games you make 

thank you! :D


Game is beautiful. ONLY THING IS TOO SHORT. It would be a good bet to keep developing the game and adding more content like areas, or randomly generated caverns, wweapons and enemies.


What game engine or technology was used for creating this game?

I use Game Maker Studio 2

Giving the game a go on my channel, still getting my sea legs in the first episode ;) 

I'm really enjoying it so far, especially how lighthearted it is at the start, and then you find the deep trenches, and the game takes a sharp left turn into scary town.

Saw the video, glad you like it!  :D



I really enjoyed the game, its so well made. I found the base building to be quite easy and interesting with quite a few types of building blocks. The art is simply amazing, especially since I recently got into pixel art, to see the environments like these and the creature and the temples, it was beautiful. And i can't forget to mention the way your light interacts with the ambient lighting, just astonishing animation. The sound design is also quite atmospheric and the creature's screams gave me quite a few scares. Its quite a terrifying experience after the tutorial section and I found myself struggling with going further in and exploring the unknown, but it was quite a similar situation with Subnautica for me. The shadow creature thing is very well made with how it hides in the shadows and leaves the smokey trail behind, making me alerted every time I saw it. The ending was a little confusing though, im not sure if i was teleported up or if its implied that the forcefield got deactivated and i manually went up to the surface?

The bugs I found within the game:

  • When I got out of the temple that has the thing for the A key, I got into the Firefly pretty fast after getting into the water and I, along with the Firefly got teleported to the far right of the room, I couldn't see myself or the sub before going left for a few seconds.
  • You can drop items inside of rooms and they still give off the bubbling effects and float.
  • You can place the Safety Beacon inside of any rooms, including the temples.
  • When holding left click with the Multi-tool you cannot pass through the sides or bottom of the stair block, now I'm not sure if this is a bug, as it can help players get up and down them with ease but it is a bit hard to find so I'm not sure if it is intentional.
  • When breaking one thing like a crafting station or a stair block its easy to break a lot of the wall behind it or even the surrounding blocks and furniture.

Features id personally like in the game would be an option to reverse the way the scrolling thru items works, maybe being able to see items' names when hovering over them and when they're in your inventory, a way to interact with things in the deep room with the key locks without having to exit the sub and thusly take damage. A tad bit of music maybe? Like you would be able to turn it off but i think it would enhance the experience, like in the main safe area as well as the chase sequence at the end. Maybe a way to make it easier to scare off or avoid the creature?

I think this game is rly fun and has a lot of potential, i know you said its finished but id be down to pay for maybe some expanded version with more creatures you can interact, a tad bit more variety in room design, maybe even a few more functional building blocks, and a bigger map with maybe a new biome or two.

I understand that that would take a lot of time, its fine if you don't want to do it and would rather move onto other projects, whatever the case, id like to play more of your games in the future. :)


My God, thank you for taking the time to write this. I'm already working on a project, but I may end up using this as a demo for a bigger project, so thank you for the feedback!


Will there be a linux version of this?

I don't have any plans to release it on linux at the moment.

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the words "at the moment" give me hope that one day, this surprisingly addictive game (in my opinion) will be on Linux. And when or if it is, ill be the first one to play it. I swear

Saw the post on reddit, hyped to play later!


This game looks promising! The atmosphere of the visuals reminds me of the ones we know from the Cthulhu stories...

Well, the ‘It’ here was supposed to be similar to Cthulhu originally, but I had to change it due to practicality, so you’re not 100% off.


Hello, we played your games recently in 1scGames and we really liked them. would you be interested in publishing a game on our newly made launcher DigitaLl?

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The atmosphere is on point!

Pros - 

The graphics look great and are what drew me in in the first place (got here from the reddit post)

The atmosphere as I said earlier is quite tense. Even after I figured out the enemy isn't particularly aggressive the suffocating pressure at the bottom of the sea was rather constant traveling companion.

I liked the fact the chest opened inside your inventory instead of needing to press E on it

Con -

The eponymous "It" is rather passive and at least as far as I can tell lacks an "alert" state. After charging once it sorta let me get away.

Nitpicks - 

My inventory is sometimes hard to see by blending with my base tiles. 

I can't craft wall tiles while next to any crafting station with confused me for a solid minute.

The depths feel too open.

Conclusion - I enjoyed this little game

Thank you so much for giving it a chance!