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This asset pack:

An environment pack, which contains 2 different tilesets, 6 backgrounds, 4 animations  and several background props, with different variations and sizes. The props can be put together and separated into different background layers, depending on their size. The tilesets, animations and backgrounds can be purchased for 5 dollars. The entire pack is 8 dollars. The assets have been exported as PNG strips. I've also added individual frame sizes in the below description, since some of them need to be cut differently.


spr_CastleTileSet - 47 frames, 64x64 individual frame size

spr_CastleOneWayTileSet- 3 frames, 64x64


spr_CastleBkg1 - 480x216

spr_CastleBkg2 - 480x216

spr_CastleBkg3 - 480x216

spr_DungeonBkg1 - 960x216

spr_DungeonBkg2 - 480x216

spr_DungeonBkg3 - 480x216


spr_CastleFireplace - 128x128

spr_CastleTorch - 64x64

spr_CastleTorch2 - 64x64

spr_CastleSpike - 64x64

Background Props:

spr_CastleBackgroundProps - an 800x448 sprite, which contains all background elements, including the tilesets. The elements are all shown in the last screenshot.


Feel free to use and modify this pack depending on your current project. If you have any suggestions regarding other characters, items or backgrounds, which can fit with this pack, please let me know. In case you want to offer me credit, please use my current username. Also, keep in mind that you can use this in your commercial projects, but please do not resell the assets individually. 

Edit: Also added the assets with and without a background color in case that creates any issues.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Tilesets, Animations and Backgrounds.zip 82 kB
All Castle Interior Elements.zip 158 kB
if you pay $8 USD or more


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Hi, I am trying to purchase both your tileset asset packs, but paypal doesn't seem to work properly in my country. Is there some other way I can make the payment ? I would like both packs.

Great atmosphere, I like the colors contrast, just great work!


very good assets!

Glad you like them :D