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A free character asset pack, which contains a boss-type character. The number of frames are listed below. In some cases I've added duplicate frames, depending on the necessity of a delay. Most animations can fit into a 64x64 canvas. Lastly, all character sprites have been exported into PNG strips.

This character works well with my first pack, which also contains a free main character:


Number of Frames:

Knight - Idle(16),  Walk(8), Taunt(18), 3-Combo Attack(30), Dash(8), Spin Attack(30), Death(40), Jump(25), Jump Attack(40)


Feel free to use and modify the character depending on your current project. If you have any suggestions regarding other characters, items or backgrounds, which can fit with this pack, please let me know. I might work on a "Medieval Fantasy Tileset Pack" in the future and it would definitely help to have some ideas. In case you want to offer me credits, please use my current username. Also, please don't resell my work. That would hurt my feelings a bit :(.


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sheets.rar 92 kB


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Hi ^^ Do you have something for contact ? I would like to know if you were interested by joining a project 

Would love some different color/diversity morphs, weapons, and magus related animations! Possibly also a megafauna or three? More things with tusks!

Love the style though, and look forward to seeing more!

Nice art! Could maybe add an animation for when you are hit but not dead?


That is really cool. Thanks for make this one :D

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D


I love your style!

Thank you! :D


Excellent work!


Cool, i like you work so much! 

I hope one day I can make sprites like this!


Great job!! So many animations <3


This is amazing, thank you very much!

I'm glad you like it, have fun!