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This asset pack:

A character asset pack, which contains a rogue, a hunchback, a rat, a snake and an executioner. The rogue is 2 dollars, the rogue, hunchback and rat are 5 dollars  and all characters are 8 dollars. The number of frames and sizes are listed below. In some cases I've added duplicate frames, depending on the necessity of a delay. All character sprites have been exported into PNG strips. Lastly, all animations are available to download with a background color added, without a background color and without special effects (ex: animation smear, ranged attack) + effects separate for more customization.

Number of Frames:

Rogue - idle(54f, 128x128); run(10f, 128x128); attack(26f, 128x128); get hit(9f, 128x128); death(18f, 128x128);  jump(17f, 128x128); dash(8f, 128x128); ranged(18f. 128x128);

Hunchback - idle(8f, 96x96); walk(10f, 96x96); attack(20f, 128x128); get hit(9f, 96x96); death(15f, 96x96); jump(15f, 128x128);

Rat - idle(30f, 96x96); walk(8f, 96x96); attack(20f, 96x96); get hit(9f, 96x96); death(15f, 96x96); jump(15f, 128x128);

Snake - idle(72f, 64x64); move(17f, 64x64); attack(17f, 64x64); get hit(9f, 64x64); death(18f, 64x64); jump(15f, 64x64);

Executioner- idle(56f, 128x128); walk(10f, 128x128); attack(31f, 128x128); get hit(9f, 128x128); death(21f, 128x128); jump(17f, 128x128);


Feel free to use and modify the characters depending on your current project. If you have any suggestions regarding other characters, items or backgrounds, which can fit with this pack, please let me know. In case you want to offer me credits, please use my current username. Also, keep in mind that you can use this in your commercial projects, but please do not resell the assets individually. 

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Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Character Customization, enemy, Fantasy, main-character, Medieval, Pixel Art


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Rogue.7z 91 kB
Rogue+HunchBack+Rat.7z 171 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more
AllCharacters.rar 333 kB
if you pay $8 USD or more


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Great job, as always!

Thank you! :D

i love your assets so much man,i wish i could buy your assets with credit cart, each time i ask my friends to if they could buy for me because paypal isn't working in my country

Really glad you like it! I’ve seen several people mention the paypal issue, but I can’t find an alternative on itch. :(

people use stripe to adding credit card option but it has disadvantages as i heard

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Same would love to buy, but I cans't unless  it's set up where itch accepts the cards directly :(

For some reason the only way I can pay with my debit card is only if itch is "Merchant of Record" and taking a saved card.