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This asset pack:

A character asset pack, which contains a Necromancer, a Skeleton Archer, Warrior and Cat. The Necromancer is free, the Necromancer and Warrior are 2$, the Necromancer, Warrior and Cat are 4$ and the all characters are 6$. The number of frames and sizes are listed below. In some cases I've added duplicate frames, depending on the necessity of a delay. All character sprites have been exported into PNG strips. Lastly, all animations are available to download with a background color added, without a background color and without special effects (ex: animation smear, ranged attack) + effects separate for more customization.

Number of Frames:

Necromancer - idle(50f, 96x96); attack(47f, 128x128); death(52f, 96x96); Get Hit(9f, 96x96); Jump(12f, 96x96); Spawn(20f, 128x128); Walk(10f, 96x96);

Warrior - attack(33f, 96x96); death(36f, 96x96); get hit(9f, 96x96); idle(21f, 96x96); jump(12f, 128x128); (11f, 96x96);

Cat - attack(27f, 96x96); death(18f, 96x96); get hit(9f, 96x96); idle(10f, 96x96); jump(11f, 96x96); walk(8f, 96x96);

Archer - attack(33f, 96x96); death(36f, 96x96); get hit(9f, 96x96); idle(21f, 96x96); jump(12f, 128x128); walk(11f, 96x96);


Feel free to use and modify the characters depending on your current project. If you have any suggestions regarding other characters, items or backgrounds, which can fit with this pack, please let me know. In case you want to offer me credits, please use my current username. Also, keep in mind that you can use this in your commercial projects, but please do not resell the assets individually. 

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Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Character Customization, enemy, Fantasy, Medieval, pixel, Pixel Art


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Necromancer.rar 120 kB
NecromancerWarrior.7z 192 kB
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NecromancerWarriorCat.7z 230 kB
if you pay $4 USD or more
AllCharacters.7z 297 kB
if you pay $6 USD or more


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Hey I love these! Thank you!

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I love how this looks hoping this will fit in my game! 

why the necromancer sprites got so blurry in unity, when i open it with aseprite, everything seems fine
i already used to point filter

Make these 3 changes:

Let me know if it worked.


i tried another method, i set the max size to 8192 and it worked

Can you please provide the file for the archer hurt animation without the white flashing hit effect?

Done, you can try and download it again.

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Amazing work

Your character packs are just what I'm looking for!

I just noticed your assets are on sale right now except for this one, will this also go on winter sale? If it does I'll buy it instantly :)

Hi there! It's on sale as well, but for this one it's 25% off since it's a brand new pack.

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I bought it, they look great^^

Loving the smoothness of the skeleton archer walk loop!

Just wondering tho: are the ground shadows baked into the spritesheets?

Is there any chance to make the shadows optional? (thus allowing the sprites to be used in 2.5D  or other  context as well - such as slopes)


Hi there! The shadows are not baked into the sprite-sheets, that’s just for presenting the gifs. You can download the Necromancer for free and see how it looks in case you’re not sure how it will look.

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Thanks, sounds great! I didn't notice there was a free tier  ^^

Still hoping you're willing to create a medieval characters 1+2+3+4+5+6 bundle, I'd get it right away (also, more practical than buying each pack separately)  ^^

Loving the extra smooth anims and crisp style of these packs!

Awesome. Thanks!


Amazing art, as always.  5*

I think it was your art that made me first think, "Itch.io is worth looking at."

Thank you! :D