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hey, I just want to say thanks for the sprites, it's really good and if I could I would give to you some money, but not everyone has money left over. Well keep it up you are a realy good artist.

I would love to pay you some but I don't have PayPal in my country):

Sorry bud.

türksün dimi xd 


lanet olsun alamıyorum packi ekrana para fırlatıp duruyorum amk

These sprites are great!, you´re a crack, i used some of them. Thank you!

Thank you, I'm glad you like them. :D

Nice models and animations. I will use some of these for the game i am making. If you are curious or interested in how the game will turn out, i will link to the youtube video.

Hi could you please contact me @UlisesFreitas

These sprites are very good! and they are well formatted for spritesheets :) Will you be adding jump animations to these characters at any point?


I’m glad you like them. :D I don’t have any plans to add new animations at the time.

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Is there anyway to make your characters have 4 directions (ie to add north and south facing).  I would be willing to pay for this for sure! (also for all the other character packs as well)

Hi there. I don’t currently have plans to add animations to the current packs.

Thanks for the response.  You're work is great.  Hope you can find time some day to add the four directions (that would really open these graphics up to top down games!)

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Hello, I bought this asset and some more from you. Right now I need a crouch-walk animation for the knight in my project. Can I ask you if you can make it and how much it will cost? Thanks.

Beautiful graphics! I used the knight asset for my game's enemy character in the Godot Wild Jam, as well as some other of your other graphics. The sprite looks really good and works with a lot of games. They mesh well together!

Here's the game. I hope I used your graphics properly :)

Nicely done. Do you think you could add in a frame or two for being hurt? Thank you very much for the assets.

How much time did u spend to learn how to draw these amaizing sprites?


Well, I started in 2017, so it took some time. 

Hello OcO,
My game "Escape from the death castle" uses your knight and the game will unlock tomorrow.
I want to send you a steam key to express my gratitude. If you want, please contact me (

What are the different paddings and offsets used for the knight. I can't figure out how to slice them properly in the Unity Sprite Editor window

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I too would like to know. Some of them are difficult. Thanks.

-What I did for attack at least was just made it 64x64, and then manually moved the boxes to the center of the sprite the best I could after slicing. 


I've added the number of frames for each animation. You should be able to find the size by dividing the width to the total number of frames, since the height is the same. 

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Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

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So I bought this literally two days ago... and now it's free...? 

Only the Knight. All 5 charactera are 3 dollars. 


Right now it's 50% off, but if you want all 5, it's normally $3.


Holy shit, that's some nice game feel!

Damn that looks awesome!

i'm making a game with the same player character x

Hi i have some questions for you. Can you give me your mail adress? or any social platform adress? 

Are you available for commission?


I made a typing game using the knight from this pack. Feel free to check it out at

I've added credits at the end of the game and on the page at the bottom, but if you want to change them or add them somewhere else talk to me.

This is awesome! I can only finish the first wave, but it's fun. I'm glad you used the knight and thanks for adding my name. :D


Thanks for that amazing character pack!

One question: when trying to import knight's JumpAndFall spritesheet into Aseprite, I can't split it properly. What value should I use? Already tried 64x64 and 96x64.

Hi, that one is 144x64. I'm glad you're enjoying the characters :D

Only the Knight.rar file is available on the download page

Hi, the knight is free. The bat and wolf are 2 dollars and all characters together are 3.

Oh, ok. Thank you :D

Is there a way to have all files separately instead of break each in different files
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Awesome art work! I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but so far the knight's idle and run looks great, but the attack animation is super blurry when I inport it into Unity. Anyone else run into this?


you need to change the Max Size on the sprite settings

by default it's 2048 but the Attack is 3168 x 64

How would i be able to increase the size of the images without blurring the pixels


Hi, you would need to increase both width and height by an integer number(exactly 2 times, 3 times, 4 times etc.) 


besides using whole integers (as the other person replied) you must use "nearest neighbor" as the resize mode in your graphics software of choice

Great Work!

If we purchase the entire character set would we be able use it for commercial use?

Where did you learn to make such great pixel-art?


I'm glad you like it! I watched plenty of tutorials on youtube and I used to study pixel art from my favorite games, breaking down the art style into simple shapes and colors.

Great asset pack. I will use this in my 2D platformer Demo, especially the bat.
Thanks a lot :D


I'm glad you like it :D

Would you like to add me on twitter? I started following you but can't send you messages

love how these look, am using the knight right now in a test project as I cut my teeth on Game Maker (seeing as I need to use that in the coming year and never have before) when I am ready to I think I will grab the other ones (it is all just a test project right now tho)

Curious to know if you'd be interested in making some top down sprites for a game about the skeleton wars. If you haven't heard of that meme here's a quick rundown

Thinking something fun wacky and funny!
I'm starting up a project on a simple 2d top down rogue-like for steam based off this. If you're interested lmk I'd like to talk to you and get to know you a little! :)
Love your art style, you make solid sprites with very satisfying animations - Skylor


I need help when I cut the 64x64 image looks like this<img src="">

The character can fit in a 64x64 canvas, but I had to make it bigger in some cases. In this case, the canvas is 96x64.


Hey! Amazing work!!

What is the license for this? Is it CC0?

I want to use the Knight free version, but I need to know the license type


Thanks! Feel free to use it as you wish, even modify it if you want. In case you wish to, I'd very much like to get some credit on your project, but it's not a necessity.


If we purchase the entire character set would we be able use it for commercial use? 


Yes, you can :D

Thank you. Your work is amazing! 😁

Thank you! :D



Fantastic looking art! Hope to see more!

Thank you! 


hey do you have discord?

Hey there. I don't, I mostly use reddit. 

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give me an email or something, u can give me reddit too


 My reddit username is - u/DragonFlyer93

U/Donhellsing add me i don´t know how to use redit

Nice fantasy pacK I would like more enemies please :)


OMG what fantastic art

Thank you! :D


Really cool, will definitely like to see more


I would like to see more, like boss and more enemies, but it's okay for now, I will buy allcharacter


will this packs have tilesets and backgrounds?

Cauz, love the art style


Thank you! I'll make a tileset too sometime in the future.

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