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This asset pack:

A character asset pack, which contains a knight, a wolf, a bat, a witch and a golem. The knight is a free purchase, the knight, bat and wolf are 2 dollars  minimum and all characters are 3 dollars. The number of frames are listed below. In some cases I've added duplicate frames, depending on the necessity of a delay. All animations can fit into a 64x64 canvas. Lastly, all character sprites have been exported into PNG strips.

Number of Frames:

Knight - Idle(15), Attack(22), Shield(7), JumpAndFall(14), Roll(15), Death(15), Run(8)

Wolf - Idle(12), Run(8), Death(18), Attack(16)

Bat - Flight(8), Attack(10), Death(10)

Witch - Idle(7), Walk(8), Death(12), Throw(18)

Golem - Idle(12), IdleAlternate(6), Walk(7), Attack(16), Death(28)


Feel free to use and modify the characters depending on your current project. If you have any suggestions regarding other characters, items or backgrounds, which can fit with this pack, please let me know. I might work on a "Medieval Fantasy Tileset Pack" in the future and it would definitely help to have some ideas. In case you want to offer me credits, please use my current username. Also, keep in mind that you can use this in your commercial projects, but please do not resell the assets individually. 

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(94 total ratings)
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Character Customization, enemy, Fantasy, main-character, Medieval, Pixel Art


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Knight.rar 63 kB
KnightWolfBat.rar 93 kB
if you pay $2 USD or more
AllCharacters.rar 165 kB
if you pay $3 USD or more


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I notice the attack frames does not align with the others on the Golem. Any chance this can be fixed?

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I was wondering the same thing

try 80x64

Really Beautiul! Keep it up!


Which Resolution are these?

Hello, where can i contact you? I would like to ask something about custom assets

I made a game with him!!

See it here on itch.io

i adore your assets, all of them, I will likely be buying more from you in the near future. my one complaint/question if you have the time to answer is the same as Tenjared1205 below. Some of the assets are not centered, so they appear to move around (ie idle anim the feet glide if the animation is bottom centered on the spreadsheet). Working on a fix similar to Tenjared1205, but just wanted to bring it up.

Also yea was curious what framerate is intended for these? 12 FPS seems to work, but generally a little read-me would be great for the assets.

Keep up the great work! Again I will likely be buying some more stuff from you, love the sprites :)))

very good :)

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This pack are very good, but i have some problems:

Some animations not are centeded (have a movement in the animation), and beacouse that i modify the spritesheet...

and put a version with more pixels, like multiply the image for 3, for less blur for the quality of the image

I encountered a similar problem with an other asset pack. Depending on the game engine you are using, you can fire an event after the animation ended and repositon the character accordingly. It´s a little hacky but it works. you can add a drag to the player bound camera which gives a nice touch.

However, in a top down environment it gets even more difficult. You would need to interpolate the character´s position while the animation is playing.

So this is indeed a big drawback when it comes to not centered sprites, but with enough time and effort you can make this work.

The big advantage you get is that you can now use VFX in dash animations or attack animations which give the game a better feel.

such great assets! i have a question, does the witch have the projectile asset?

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! Apologies for commenting yet another asset of yours! ^_^"

I saw this spritesheet in a mixed bundle (cyberpunk/fantasy/backgrounds) and I was wondering if you also had a bundle with just the RPG characters - that would help in keeping purchases separated ^^

Hi i purchased this asset but i cant seem to find the license number.. can you post it for me please ?


This only seems to be one sprite?

if you don't pay you only get the knight, pay $3 or more for all of them

WOW! What a great pack

Good Job bro (⌐■_■)

dammmmmnnn there a lot of really cools characters there , good job::

Nice animations!!

great job <3

Great animations, you're very talented.


Hey, what's the intended frame rate for this?

Why we can't pay you with credit card, i can't use paypal in my country, is there any chance to you can set up a alternative payment method :/

Hi there. Apologies, but Itch doesn’t offer a way to pay directly with a credit card afaik.

Itch allows payment by card. All my purchased assets have been by card.

If you want card payments connect a Stripe account.


This is so awesome!! I am currently playing a mobile game with some of your assets!! super incredible!!!It is called Darkrise


Why don't you add payment with card. PayPal is not supported in my country

OMG how cool is this! do you think I could use it for my game? :,3 

Where are the enemis? Can't find them.

The enemies are in the AllCharacters.rar file.

what enemys sheets?what button of dowload enemys?

please check my game


where are the enemies?

Hey Oco, I used a lot of your forest assets and characters as intended for a small project called Red Fantasy. The assets are basically all from you and it does a lot of your “intended” functionality. I even had the shield block attacks but decided to take it out due to gameplay reasons. The boss character with the hammer and sword is also used in its entirety, the fight is pretty fun!

Check it out if you want to see your art: https://lucrecious.itch.io/red-fantasy

I also tagged you in a Twitter reply.

I'm very grateful to you



I made a dungeon platformer games using itch.io free assets, I just used the knight that was free, but he fit the player role well.

Dungeon Platformer

Actually, the whole art style really fit together for this, I'll probably buy the Allcharacters pack later.

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Hi Oco, nice assets! I'm using all your medieval fantasy ones to make a small game :)

I've been using your sprite sheets but some of the frames are spaced/aligned very weirdly. For example, the jump animation for the character seems to move in the X direction and in the Y. I think this is trying to capture the jump height, but most of the times it easier to program it so the sprite stays in place (like your run animation).

Lastly, it would be a lot easier if instead of uploading strips of frames of the animation, you could upload the frames as individual numbered images in separate folders. This would make them a lot easier to use.


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Thankyou Soo Muchh, From Indonesia

edit : im under 18 years old, i cant use paypal for payment method, is there any other way to pay you so i can get all the set? like link donation saweria or socialbuzz? thank you


I'm writing using google.

My name is Lucas Filho. I live in Brazil.

I create free and paid board games. But I use programs like Google Slides and now Genially.

I thought your work was fantastic and I was wondering if you have any problem using some in my free games.

In exchange, I dedicate a page (slide) of the game to promote their work. See how my games are in this example on Genially:  https://view.genial.ly/60a6837e8061500d818e662a/presentation-viagem-espacial-gam... 

My other works can be seen here: http://gamesgoobr.blogspot.com

or on instagram: @proflucasfilho

Thanks and sorry for any typos - Google's fault :)

No worries, feel free to use my work. :D


Hi Oco I'm Mauricio Sandoval Pool a newbie game developer, I wonder if you would be interested in working on a mobile game. =)

Hi Mauricio. Thank you for the offer, but I’m not available for work right now.

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and to do some sprites :D ? i can pay!. your style is unique i need it. if you change your mind maybe we can share a discord call so i can show you my project.

Hi Oco, your art style is very unique and nice, and the sprites are so cool.
I really think the character animations could use a second attack variation, to give the game creators some options when programming the enemies behaviour. (just like you did in the boss character)

Keep up with the good work, I like the medieval packs!

thanks man good pack

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