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Note: Hi everyone! Several people have asked why I'm not making this into my own game. Well, a demo is already available for "Pale Cinder" - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2352520/Pale_Cinder/. It's mainly inspired by "Castlevania" and "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time". I took the lessons learned here to heart and the atmosphere will match "Residentvania" quite well. The combat and platforming are faster passed and more complex, but the game will still pose a challenge. Hope you'll like it!

The first thing I thought while playing "Resident Evil: Village" was how much it reminded me of "Castlevania", so I thought I'd make a mash up of the two. I chose the first level of the original "Castlevania" for NES, mixed in with the Castle Dimitrescu section of "RE: Village".


·        Keyboard/Xbox Gamepad

·        WASD/D-Pad - movement 

·        Space/A - jump 

·        K/X - Use Knife 

·        L/Y - Shoot (only if a weapon is equipped)

Development Details:

The development time was a total of 2 months. Every asset is custom made, but the game itself is completely free and cannot be sold due to it being a fan game.

Sound samples: 

·       freesound.org

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(67 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fangame, GameMaker, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro


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Nice game

una joya hermosa que deberia seguir adelante, no hay mas que decir 

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This is awesome! I'm a old fan of both games and this just made my day haha, game is short and sweet


This was fun! I think if you change the name and some of the similarities, this could easily become your own creative property.

Glad you enjoyed it! I already have a demo for "Pale Cinder" - https://oco.itch.io/pale-cinder-demo, which is pretty much what you suggested. It's a bit faster passed, but still heavily inspired by "Castlevania".

Nice! Well done, ill check it out.


A pretty short and decent, but enjoyable game! Definitely a game you must try if you love both franchise. (it took me 15 mins-ish due to skill issue)


Excellent work, my friend. Here is my gameplay:

You need to spend time and think about making this a full variation of resident evil 8. I feel like it would be fun

Me encantó tu juego, por eso decidí hacer un Gameplay! En Español!

Is this playable on a Mac

No, only on PC



nice game

how to connect controller?

i tried both a ps4 and xbox controller nothing happened


Hi Oco! Would like to talk to you about a possible job/hiring, could you find me on Twitter @b33feth?

Thank you!

Such a great game. Loved the sound design, and gameplay. My only regret is that there is only one level, and there isn't more. All I can say is, I want more. 

Downloaded, saved to drive, clicked on EXE file, will not start.

Awesome game!

Very cool and atmospheric game.

It has a good effect for controlling. But the player is too strength. If I am the maker, I would give some constraint about the weapon. I think good that one time has one weapon.

A bit late of this game...

Huge fan of both series especially the retro style

Awesome sprite work especially for Lady D

DISCULPA,,,El juego ya esta completo?......ERES GENIAL,MUCHO EXITO🙇‍♂️🙏👌✔

It was really cool to play RE8 in a new style. The environments and characters look awesome and the new mechanics are super creative.

Wow! It looks very cool and sophisticated, Resident Evil in pixel art is something out of the ordinary!

I loved this.  Wish it could have been longer.

Deleted post

Artwork looks great! Just wondering if you would consider selling the artwork as an asset pack.  I understand if not, since it's part of your game.  However, I would definitely buy it, if you sold it and allowed commercial use.  All of your art is wonderful!

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Really cool game, great work!


i can't play the game without em, i just suck

<span class="ng-star-inserted" <this="" game="" is="" amazing!="" <="" span=""></span>

Ce jeu est génial! Ce pixel art en hommage a castlevania est incroyable.

Vivement un jeu complet.

This game is awesome ! This pixel art tribute to castlevania is amazing.

I can’t wait for a full game.

Congrats !

nice game

I am a big fan of castlevania and I would say that the game is beautiful, it is aesthetic, the movement of the characters is fluid and the dynamics I like, the only one but it would be to adjust the colliders a bit and be able to customize the controls, but the rest is perfect ( by the way I am a Spanish speaker and I used google translator, so if something is not understood I apologize)

Good game!, if you put in steam i buy it, i cant buy this time because i dont have pay pal :c, but its a superb clasicvania i like it a lot

I loved this fan tribute! Thanks for taking two very good franchising them and welding them together in a way that was fun to play and incorporated key elements from both franchises (I myself had to laugh at myself because I fell for the old Castlevania habit of accidentally replacing my desired weapon with a weapon I DIDN'T want, which is something I think every Castlevania player has done at least once). Seriously though I only have good things to say about this project. I loved the graphics, because it helps new gamers who have perhaps played RE 8 get a feel for the style and challenges of playing a classic NES Castlevania game. The gameplay was smooth and fluid, and the boss proved formidable and, even for such a short game, merits some replay value. I would DEFINITELY play a full length version of this game, so if you're even remotely considering further development of this, I encourage you to proceed! Thanks for your hard work!

Great tribute! My gameplay: 

Just beat the game today hope there will be lomger version of this game soon

Awesome Game!!

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